For work outside Japan, we will supervise the design in collaboration with the local architect office.

■ Schematic Design (SD)
Hearing from clients and considering the site and surrounding environment, and we will devise a design concept in consideration of safety, comfort, neighboring cityscape and environment, while fulfilling our wishes as much as possible. Then, make Schematic Design Documents such as floor plans and cross-sections.

■ Design Development (DD)
We make Design Development Drawings which reflect the design, structure, electrical, and mechanical details based on the Schematic Design Drawings.
In this phase, we also consider details of the building materials and joinery. With regard to the structure, we draw some hypothetical cross sections to examine consistency and joints between the whole and parts.

■ Construction Documents (CD)
We confirm the Construction Documents created by the Local Architects are in accordance with the documents produced by the Consultant in the Design Development Phase from a viewpoint of design before approving them.
If the estimated prices are not within the budget of the Client, we also help to make Value Engineering.

■ Construction Administration (CA)
We will consider and approve the questions from the contractor regarding the construction from the viewpoint of design. We support the construction supervision of local architects from the design side, and aim to realize a building with a design in line with Design Development Drawings.

★ Design fee / Design supervision fee
We will make an estimate according to the scale and application. Please feel free to contact us.

★ Meeting
We will have a web meeting using ZOOM and Skype. In addition to drawing materials, we will explain the completed image using realistic 3DCG.

Please feel free to contact us especially for the following properties.
・Housing complex