Designing the feeling of closeness to the woods

Deep within the forest, stationed on a gentle slope, we designed a villa with a terrace that stretches out from the slope, loops around and embraces the forest. This form, looping towards the center of the forest, designs the feeling of closeness to the woods – the closer to the center you are, the farther you are from the forest; the farther from the center you are, the closer you are to the forest. The center is a room-like interior space that is closed off to the forest, while the outer space is a semi-exterior space that opens out towards the forest. The gaps within the spiral form circulation space for people as well as wind and light. Walking through the villa, the view of the forest and landscape changes dynamically so that you get the experience of walking vertically through the woods.
The geometrical qualities of this space give a three-dimensional layering to the relationship between the villa and forest, heightening the dynamic nature of your experience in the woods.

Hut in Nakanojo

weekend house/Nakanojo,Gunma

use : second house
building site : Gunma
structure : steel
site area : 352.7㎡
total floor area : 59.2㎡
structure design : Yasutaka Konishi