A Window for Scenic Contrasts in a Basement Space

This Italian restaurant is located in a building basement. The site was a basement with no windows, divided in half by a thick structural wall. The thick concrete structural wall in the restaurant center placed a substantial limitation on the design. We nevertheless saw the wall positively as an important element giving distinction to the space. We would trim the thick structural wall to create a “window” as an element evoking the composition of a house. Then, by painting the entire back room black, we would evoke a night terrace outside the window. Our aim was to create a poetic relationship between two spaces in a small restaurant: the chef’s living room to which guests have been invited and a terrace under the mantle of night. Each presents a scenic contrast to the other through the window.



Use : restaurant
Building site : Yoyogiuehara,Tokyo
Total floor area : 58.06㎡
Award : JCD design award2013新人賞(日本商環境デザイン協会)
Photo : Koji Fujii/Nacasa and Partners Inc.