Glass that splits light in two

For this project, Asahi Glass Co. commissioned us to develop a new means of using glass.
They requested an idea for using diverse forms of light in architectural spaces, making use of the unique properties of glass. When light enters plate glass from its edge, total internal reflection occurs continually within the glass and light is reflected in two directions. We designed a glass skylight that makes use of this phenomenon, creating a space in which the low angle of sunlight, like morning light, and sunlight shining down from above, much like noon, flow into the space simultaneously.
We developed two types of this glass skylight – one that lets in direct sunlight from one direction and a frosted glass version that diffuses light throughout the room. These skylights both offer a new kind of light environment in architectural spaces.

Sun for Two


use : pavilion
building site : Tokyo
structure : wood
site area : -
total floor area : 36㎡
structure design : Mika Araki