A quiet morning mist

This room, located on the fourth floor of the hotel, has a large window that looks out on the Kyoto landscape.
Crisp, morning sunlight shines in from this window. We laid down a green carpet, reminiscent of a grassy plain, from which stand walls painted in a gradation of green to white, evoking the image of being in the middle of a field shrouded in the morning mist. The entire space is composed of rounded walls that veil the existence of columns and beams. We formed a slit between the ceiling and the wall, in which we inserted indirect lighting that brings to mind the light of the morning sun.
The sharp, bright light of dawn shines in on a faintly blurred image of a grassy plain, creating a special passage of pure, morning time, quietly enveloped in a deep fog. It is a dim, hazy scene with no defined edges, where you can spend a quiet period – this is the kind of space we have created here for this room.

Morning Dawn

Hotel/640-1 Shimogoryomae-cho, Teramachi Marutamachi-sagaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto

Use : hotel
Building site : Kyoto
Total floor area :50㎡