Next-generation Public Toilet that  Doesn’t use hands and Flows air

This is a public toilet in THE TOKYO TOILET Project No. 7 Street Park, in which Kazoo Sato (TBWA HAKUHODOO Co., Ltd.) is participating as a creator. We were in charge of the basic design of the building to match the concept of the world’s cleanest toilet using voice commands.
The spherical building was designed to float slightly above the ground with an air vent. By creating a flow of air that enters from the bottom of the sphere, rises along the surface and then descends, the ventilation plan was designed to prevent odors from rising. Also, by increasing the capacity of the ventilation fan after use of the multi-purpose toilet, all the air in the room can be replaced in about 1 minute before the next user enters. This is a design that is concerned not only with the cleanliness of the building, but also with the cleanliness of the air.
With the voice command system (voice recognition technology) developed by Birdman, not only can the door be opened and closed and the toilet bowl operated by voice, but the indirect lighting on the curved ceiling can respond to the user’s voice and music can be played, making this a clean and enjoyable place to stay.



Public Toilet/2-53 Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Use : public toilet
Building site : shibuya,Tokyo
Total floor area :18㎡
CFD simulation : Kozo Takase
Photo: Onodera Munetaka