千葉県船橋市の郵便局の新築プロジェクト。敷地は交通量の多い交差点の角であり、敷地周辺の店舗や、北側にある駐車場からの人の流れをスムーズに向かい入れる配置計画が求められていました。敷地の裏手に駐車場があり、交差点からの人の流れと裏手の駐車場からの人の流れを同時に受け止める配置計画が必要でした。 そこで、正方形の建物を敷地に対して角度を振って配置することで、駐車場からの通路に広がりをもたせつつ、交差点からの人の流れを受け止める絶妙の角度を探しだしました。また建物の窓の大きさを入り口にむけて次第に大きくなるようにしながら、外壁の色を明るくなるようにグラデーション塗装をし、入り口までの人の流れを自然に誘導するファサードデザインとしました。 建物内部においては、窓が大きい手前側の郵便窓口は明るい空間になり、滞在時間が長くプライバシー性が必要となる貯金・保険窓口、相談窓口、ATMコーナーでは窓が小さくなっています。 郵政民営化によって郵便局のサービス向上のための様々な取り組みがある中、敷地条件を丁寧に読み込むことで、地域に根ざした新たな郵便局となるデザインを目指しました。

Window as a Communication

Japanese Post Office is a facility dealing with postal, deposit and insurance services closely on the needs of daily lives of local resident. Originally, there is a history that Local Post Office widespread their business by local worthies has offered for nothing a part of their land and buildings. So it has an important significance also as a facility responsible for the community formation of the area.

We consider that Window to be opened in the city is the entrance of communication, then we decided to characterize the architecture at the window of the design while adhering the square plan that has been standardized by the JAPAN POST.

The site is on a corner of an intersection on a busy road. There are several pass of people such as from those shops around the site and from the parking on the north side. Because of the parking is on the opposite side from the intersection, the site planning is needed to adjust for the both access.
So we put a square volume diagonally seeking the best angle so as to widen a pass from the parking and to receive pass of people from the intersection at the same time.
And by giving graduations to the façade; graduation of the window size and graduation of the color, we intend to lead people to the entrance.
In the interior, the central postal counter has light space with large windows, and the bank & insurance counter, the consult counter and the ATM corner have small windows so as to protect the privacy.

We hope this post office to be a place where local residents can stop by to feel free, and pivot activating communication.

船橋藤原三郵便局Funabashi Postoffice



Use : postoffice
Building site : funabashi,chiba
Total floor area :144㎡
Photo : Koji Fujii/Nacasa and Partners Inc.