Archello’s Top 10 metal projects of 2020

2021.01.07 UP

Ryogoku Yuya Edoyu, has been selected as Archello’s Top 10 metal projects of 2020.
Archello is a well-known Dutch architectural design site and has been named one of the 10 best metal-intensive projects out of the projects posted in 2020.
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An exhibition column at the Gunma Prefectural Museum

2020.12.28 UP

We wrote an exhibition column at the exhibition “Bruno Taut’s World” at the Gunma Prefectural Historical Museum. A commentary on the bamboo stand lamp designed by Bruno Taut, including its relevance to architectural design, is on display.
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2020.12.05 UP

JID AWARD is an award established by the Japan Interior Designers Association in 1969 to recognize outstanding design works in the hope of raising the quality and recognition of Japanese intellectual design.
JID AWARD2020 web site

Red Brick Graduation Design Exhibition 2021

2020.12.05 UP

Hideaki Kubo will be the judge of “Red Brick Graduation Design Exhibition 2021”.
The “Red Brick Graduation Design Exhibition” is an event that collects graduation design works by Japanese architectural students and conducts exhibition and public screening.
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Prix Versailles Exterior Central Asia and the Northeast 2020

2020.11.19 UP

“Ryogoku Yuya Edoyu” won the Prix Versailles Exterior Central Asia and the Northeast 2020 (Shops & Stores category).

The Prix Versailles is a global architectural award held at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris since its inception in 2015.

When Forms Speak: Post-Bubble Japanese Architects (1995-2020) Exhibition @ Orleans FRAC

2020.10.16 UP

When Forms Talks -Post-Bubble Japanese Architects (1995-2020) ExhibitionA preview was held on October 15th and opened on October 16th.The state of the preview is also introduced on FRAC’s SNS.
© ADAN Photo: Nicolas Brasseur

Japan Space Design Award

2020.10.10 UP

Ryogoku Yuya Edoyu won the Bronze Award in the service and hospitality category at the Japan Space Design Award 2020.In addition, HOTEL THE SCREEN “Moon Phases” won the BEST 100 Award.
The Japan Space Design Award is one of the largest space design awards in Japan sponsored by the Japan Space Design Association (DSA) and the Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association (JCD).

Nagoya Mosaic Design Award 2020

2020.09.19 UP

Ryogoku Yuya Edoyu won the Silver Award at the Nagoya Mosaic Design Award 2020.


Astrid Klein, Architect

Jun Inokuma, Architect

Kenichi Shiota, Editor-in-Chief of magazine “SHOTENKENCHIKU”

Tatsuhiro Hayata, President and CEO of NAGOYA MOSAIC-TILE CO., LTD.


AICA Construction Example Contest Excellence Award

2020.09.12 UP

HOTEL THE SCREEN “MOON PHASES” won the Excellence Award at the AICA Construction Example Contest 2019.
[Judging Committee Chair]Yukio Hashimoto (Yukio Hashimoto Design Studio)
【judging committee】Yuko Nagayama (Yuko Nagayama Architectural Design)
Kenichi Shiota (Editor-in-Chief of the magazine “SHOTENKENCHIKU”)
Yukihiro Iwase (Aica Kogyo Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer)

We will join the exhibition “When Form Talks: Quand la forme parle–Nouveaux courants architecturaux au Japon (1995-2020)”.

2020.09.12 UP

We will exhibit at an exhibition of Japanese contemporary architects with the theme of shape.

Venue: ① France FRAC Center Frac Center-Val de Loire 88 rue du Colombier 45000 Orléans, France

   Session period: October 16, 2020 (Friday) -July 3, 2021 (Saturday)

   ② Paris Japan Cultural Center Maison de la culture du Japon à Paris 101 bis quai Branly, 75015 Paris, France

   Session period: April 14, 2021 (Wednesday) -July 3, 2021 (Saturday)

Organizer: Japan Society for Architectural Design

Co-sponsored by: House of Culture of Japan in Paris

Producer: Shuhei Endo (Architect, Professor, Kobe University)

Curator: Taro Igarashi (architectural historian, professor at Tohoku University)

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